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Posted By R.Mohan
Sarang-The Peacock
Soul Stirring Music
'The music was soul stirring and I was distracted from the visuals. I was most fascinated by the informations provided. The links between ragamala paintings, peacocks and sarang raag was effectively enumerated. I was attracted to the shot of peafowl and the snake. But most absorbing part was survival of the two left over chicks. The entire project, one felt was thoroughly researched, conceived and executed keeping in view perfect balance of presentation.
R. Mohan,
Chief Manager , Times Music.

Posted By Puneet Vanniar
I got the wonderful opportunity to watch the documentary “To Corbett with Love” with Dr. Susan Sharma and other colleagues. The film narrates many facts about the Corbett National Park which makes it all the more interesting. The narration is very articulate and brings out the story in a striking way. The raw beauty of the park is mesmerizing. The story features incident of a tiger attack on Subedar Ali who is a mahout in the park. It was pure love of the park that allured Subedar back to the park as a Mahout after a year of recovering from the tiger attack. The passion of Subedar for the park reminds us of the grandeur of the park and the extent to which people love it. It was awe inspiring and makes me more responsible towards nature and its beautiful resources.


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