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About Wildscapes

Indian Wildlife Club Wildscapes is a subset of our online club is the first online nature club of India, with interactive features like e-magazine, online quiz and online chat. is the product store of our Club. You can buy short films on nature, calendars, CDs, silver bird artifacts and chocolates from our store. New products are added regularly. is also an online gallery of nature and wildlife photographs by committed photographers from India. 'WildScapes' displays photographs taken by keen photographers from wildlife sanctuaries and other nature spots in India.

These photographers have been showcasing their work at "Wildscapes" the annual photo exhibition organized by at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. New photographs/photographers are being added on a continuous basis.

As an online club for wildlife lovers, we at endeavour to net work photographers who are dedicated to bring wildlife to everyman's drawing room.

It is impossible not to be struck by the rich diversity of the wildlife represented in the photographs. The pictures that you see here are a result of a deep understanding and love of nature. These photographers share their values for wilderness as a place of sanctuary for animals and plants, the source of clean air and water, a place for challenge and spiritual renewal, and as a legacy for future generations.

As human kind continues its onslaught on the natural world more and more magnificent creations are getting extinct or becoming rare and endangered. The photographs presented at "Wildscapes" serve to remind us of what we stand to lose if we continue to ignore the environment and the well being of the creatures that share this planet with us.

What we offer

Prints of the photographs, in various sizes, printed on high quality photographic paper and laminated, can be mailed to you on request. The print will be sent by airmail in hard cardboard boxes to the billing address you provide. These can be framed with glass or mounted on frames as per your choice. In the case of large orders from firms within India, we can undertake the framing jobs as well on special request. In this case, the framed photographs will have to be taken delivery of from our office in Gurgaon.

If you are interested in being featured on, please contact us at

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