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Silver Birds

Due to fluctuating silver prices, courier charges and labour situation due to the covid pandemic,  the prices mentioned online will not be applicable.  Please contact for availability of item and current price.

Enameled Silver Artifacts
(Enameling or Meenakari on pure silver)
Blue Bird International (India) is the only manufacturer of these Rare Enameled Silver Artifacts (Birds) in the World. Each item is a masterpiece of immaculate craftsmanship for lovers of unique, rare and exquisite pieces.

"Not just buying Silver but an investment in Art "

Enameling or Meenakari

Preserving a Rare Art

Once popular with Persian and Mughal Royalty,  Lords and the Kings used to appoint artisans to make wonderful objects like birds and  animals using the art of colorful enameling on silver. Blue Bird International have worked hard to revive this ancient art by engaging the best artisans. Each piece is a perfect example of unmatched craftsmanship; it takes months and even a year to complete one piece. With such immaculate craftsmanship only limited pieces are possible, which are rare and spectacular, worth putting up for sale in Auction Houses. They are the only manufactures of these elegant artifacts; presently they have developed a bird series for collectors of Art and Connoisseurs.

Silver Enameled Meenakari - It is the technique of fusing colored glassy substance on silver, but not so simple, More than half a dozen artisans work on a single piece. Guaranteed Pure Silver (92.3%) is moulded into the shape of a bird. Great concentration and patience is required for the same, to gently taper the tail of a bird, make it wafer thin at the end and perfect the form, at times takes more than a year. The animate sculpt, mixing of glass enamel, engraving, coating, baking, polishing, is infinitely difficult. The artisan hammers and chisels to engrave the motifs, mixing colors in the right proportion to match the original color of the bird.  The silver pieces are filled with lacquer to strengthen it. It is the end result that really matters and that is the breathtaking, outcome of a masterpiece.

Why not have these beautiful masterpieces sit in your office or home? Not only will they add a splash of colors, provide a sense of relaxation by welcoming guests, friends and family but also ultimately bring good FENG SHUI as they represent harbingers of good news and many opportunities.

So why Wait? ORDER one now or several as they make excellent gifts to loved ones and friends!


Blue Tit
Parrot (Medium)
Flame Back
House Sparrow
Peacock (Small)
Golden Oriole
King Fisher (Small)
Turtle Dove
Gold Finch
Parrot (Small)


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